Susan Canganelli was born in the river town of Tell City, Indiana.  Susan attended school in West Lafayette and Waveland before enrolling at Purdue University where she was employed as librarian for nearly 20 years.

Susan has always had a keen interest in art, music and literature and has contributed paintings, illustrations, and music recording, as well as having published numerous research materials.  Susan has been writing poetry all of her life.  Susan is also keenly interested in writing poetry and stories for children.  She was a member of the Bach Chorale from 1971-1977.  She studied guitar, piano, violin, cello, flute and recorder, and is listed with iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and other popular music distributors.

Susan’s songs can be found at Geordie and Variations.

For youtube content please visit her Video enterprises.

Her mother’s book about the beauty of nature is Walking Around the Sun.

Website https://sites.google.com/site/susansplaceonline.