Haiku: Rings

Rings, ©️2006 Patrick Canganelli.

Trees felled long ago
No more growing up or down
Rings of memories.

© 2022 Susan Canganelli, All Rights Reserved.


18 thoughts on “Haiku: Rings

  1. I’m going to start thinking of all my wrinkles as being “Rings of memories.” 🙂
    All the haiku you’ve posted are superb. Maybe you’ll make a book of the lovely haiku and art one day? Hope so!


    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my Haiku and art! Actually I have been considering making a book for my work. Your remark made me just that much closer to really doing it. Thanks again!🙂


      1. Yes, yes, yes! Do get your haiku made into a book. Maybe leave a few blank pages in the back so people can continue adding your new haiku as you continue writing them after book is published. I kept a tiny haiku book that was my Mother’s. A treasure I read often. So much meaning in so few words. Your haiku are right up there with Basho and Issa. Haiku books not likely to make the NYT best seller list, but there is an audience. I would love to buy your book!

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